2020 Little League Evaluations (February 29 - Make Ups March 1)


Evaluations are going to be held at the Mountaineer United Soccer Club Indoor Training Center (MUSC ITC - 1252 City View Dr., Morgantown, WV) February 29 (Makeups March 1).

What happens?

During evaluations players will be given the opportunity to (1) Bat (2) Field fly balls (3) Field ground balls (4) Throw. The coaches will use the results of the evaluations for team selections with the goal of providing balanced teams.

What equipment is needed?

Your child will need a glove, a Little League approved bat, and a helmet. If you don’t have these items the league will have equipment the kids can borrow and return at the evaluations.

Sneakers will be fine for the indoor turf for the evaluations.

What are the Evaluation Dates and Times?

Evaluation times are based on PLAYER last name.  If you are unable to make your scheduled time slot please notify your division coordinator as follows:

Minor League, Machine Pitch: Tim Bradley ([email protected])
Minor League, Player Pitch: Chris Ryan ([email protected])
Major League: John Bowers ([email protected])


Minor League, Machine Pitch Division Ages 7-8

Saturday, February 29

A-H     3:00pm evaluation
I-P       3:45pm evaluation
Q-Z     4:30pm evaluation


Minor League, Player Pitch Division Ages 9-10   *See note below

Saturday, February 29

A-F        6:30pm evaluation
G-N       7:15pm evaluation
O-Z        8 pm evaluation

*Note: Players age 8 may evaluate to play in Minor League Player Pitch Division.  Player must have 1 (one) year of Machine/Coach Pitch experience. Evaluation participation does not guarantee a player of making Minor League Player Pitch roster.  Player must be drafted by a Minor League manager to play in Minor League Player Pitch. 


Major League Division Ages 11-12   ** See note below

Saturday, February 29

A-Z       5:15pm evaluation

**Note: Players ages 9-12 may evaluate for Major League Division. Players ages 9-10 must have 1 (one) year of Player Pitch experience. Evaluation participation does not guarantee a player of making Major League roster. Regardless of age, 9-12 year old players must be drafted by a major league manager to play in major league division.

Will there be Make Ups if I can’t get to the assigned time?

We will hold open (Minor and Major Leagues) make up evaluations on Sunday, March 1 from 2-4pm at Mountaineer United Soccer Club Indoor Training Center.

What about TeeBall?

There are no TeeBall Evaluations unless you want them to play up into Minor League, Machine Pitch. Trying out does not guarantee they will make a Machine Pitch roster.  They must be selected to a team.

Are there evaluations for the Junior Division (players age 13-14)?

There are no evaluations for this age group.  You will be notified of some combined practices and then coaches will split teams prior to games starting.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the division coordinator in your child’s age group listed above.

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